HAVASI Concert Show - Bucharest 2017
HAVASI Concert Show - Bucharest 2017

  • Sala Palatului


  • 18 November 2017

    Saturday, 20:00

  • 19 November 2017

    Sunday, 18:00


+1 SHOW in Bucharest: Sunday at 18:00

The 2016 concert was sold out in a few weeks, and this year 2/3rds of the tickets have already been purchased during the summer. Due to the overwhelming demand an extra show is added on Sunday evening; HAVASI Symphonic will be performed twice at Sala Palatului in Bucharest on the 18th and 19th of November.

HAVASI Landmark World Tour — Part 1.

The New Show 2017

The new 2017 show will be even bigger than last year, featuring a complete symphony orchestra and classical choir. The most loved HAVASI compositions, as well as brand new pieces will be performed in symphonic interpretation, and the Romanian premiere of “Pure Piano” will also be a part of this year’s program.

New compositions in Bucharest

HAVASI Pure Piano — Romanian premiere

Pure Piano Premiere

After its hugely successful debut in Miami, Pure Piano will be also be a part of the concert Show in Bucharest. The secret will be revealed about the music that has captivated the hearts of so many people. It all comes from a single source.

The composer and his piano.

Expect to be surprised: even today a single piano is perfectly enough for a charismatic artist to deeply move and entertain the audience.

You will get 2 concerts for the price of 1. The concert will feature the most popular movements from the huge stadium shows performed with a multitude of extremely talented musicians, white it will also be a truly unique and rare opportunity to hear the latest pieces in their original form, the way they were composed for solo piano.

Modern & Classical

The performance will present the 100% original compositions of HAVASI, a virtuoso pianist and one of the most fascinating and versatile young composers of today.
A graduate of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, with a deep knowledge of classical tradition, he is seeking to make classical instruments relevant to the modern age in a deeply moving yet entertaining way.

HAVASI Concert Show in Bucharest 2016 — ft. Dohnányi Strings Quintet

An Epic Musical Journey

The show brings together many different, extremely talented artists on the same stage: solo piano, rock drum, string orchestra and vocal and instrumental soloists. The artists carry the audience along on a fascinating voyage through constantly unfolding musical scenes. The different moods present the audience with a memorably intense experience, like a ride on a rollercoaster of emotions, enhanced by the very latest technology in sound, stage, lighting and video projections.

The World’s Most Spectacular Piano Show

HAVASI has been one of the most amazing success stories in the instrumental music genre. He is the only classical pianist who can regularly fill entire stadiums with his own compositions. The unique stage performance is based on the original concept of American creative director Brian Burke (Céline Dion’s ‘The New Day’ Las Vegas show, Il Divo, America’s Got Talent) and the French visual designer Gilles Papain (Cirque du Soleil, Marseilles opera, Ballet de Monte Carlo).

Wiener Stadthalle 2016

HAVASI Concert – Wiener Stadthalle 2016

HAVASI played to over 46,000 people over a single weekend at the Papp Laszlo Sports Arena in Budapest, attesting to his status as a true music phenomena. That weekend’s performance propelled him to the #2 slot on the Billboard Boxscore and Pollstar rankings for ticket sales worldwide – a level of success exceeding even top rock and pop acts. HAVASI Symphonic also filled the largest stadium in Austria in 2016, and this year it debuts in Germany as well in Berlin at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

The music of the show has been a Billboard #2 international concert, #1 album on iTunes, and an absolute #1 on Deezer: #1 Artist, #1 Album, #1 song

Quality Family Entertainment

HAVASI’s charismatic personality, showmanship and the stunningly spectacular visual component of the show will make this a night to remember. The show is also breathtaking entertainment for the entire family where children can encounter classical instruments in a modern setting they truly enjoy. Unlike at traditional classical music concerts, at this show it’s not a problem if a child cannot sit through the entire concert silently, without expressing their joy and enthusiasm. Parents are absolutely encouraged to bring their children from 3 years of age and upwards.

-50% Child Discount

Under 16 years

  Normal: Child:
VIP 450 RON 225 RON
I 300 RON 150 RON
II 250 RON 125 RON
III 180 RON 95 RON
IV 160 RON 80 RON
V 130 RON 65 RON

Ticket information:

-50% discount is available for children under the age of 16.