Lisa Gerrard at Carnegie Hall

HAVASI Entertainment Announcement

HAVASI Symphonic Concert at Carnegie Hall will feature guest star Lisa Gerrard, the co-composer and performer of Gladiator. October 26, 2015.

The Australian singer, musician and composer became a world star as a member of the band Dead Can Dance. For the soundtrack of Gladiator, co-produced with Hans Zimmer, she was nominated for an Oscar and received the Golden Globe. Her characteristic, incomparable, painfully magnificent contralto voice is often heard in the biggest box-office hits of Hollywood. In addition to Gladiator, her own compositions were performed in a number of films, including Baraka, Heat, Mission Impossible II, Man on Fire and The Insider.

Lisa Gerrard in Budapest

Lisa Gerrard has performed in HAVASI Symphonic previously in 2013 in Budapest.

Havasi is a national treasure. When I first heard his work I fell in love with the piano again, it was liquid and transparent, heart felt and deeply touching. To be a true artist is defined by the absence of vanity. Havasi is a humble giant and restores ones faith in humanity. He is clearly brilliant and has surrendered to his heart, it was a great privilige for me to spend time with him and contribute to his music.” — Lisa Gerrard

The concert at Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorum / Perelman Stage on Monday, 26 October will be a special collaboration. Lisa Gerrard will perform in HAVASI’s original compositions featuring the Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok. Read more

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