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HAVASI Entertainment Announcement

The first Arena Show DVD has been released in Hungary, available at Telenor shops. International distribution will follow soon, stay tuned for future updates.

After 7 sold-out arena shows in Budapest, the long-awaited DVD is now released in Hungary. Brought to home cinemas by Telenor, the full-length concert movie is a breathtaking audiovisual experience.

The concerts in 2014 were recorded with more than 70 cameras, the meticulous post production took more than 9 months. Now the audience can relive the monumental musical journey from an entirely new perspective. International distribution will soon follow with a release also on Blu-ray, making Hungary’s number one concert show available to fans worldwide.

In Hungary you can already buy the DVD, exclusively at Telenor shops:

The DVD includes 17 tracks, as well as extras for a special price: 3 190 HUF.

  1. Prelude – Age of Heroes
  2. Ad Martem
  3. Miami Fever
  4. Etude No. 2
  5. Dusty Road
  6. A Hungarian in Paris
  7. The Christ Trilogy
  8. The Duel
  9. You Can’t Stop Us
  10. Oh, Saint Stephen
  11. The Chase
  12. Liszt – Dreams of Love
  13. Voices of Change
  14. Generali
  15. Infinity
  16. Storm
  17. Spring Wind

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